Hiding in the metaverse

Invisible Meebits is a collection of 3333 voxel invisible characters inspired by meebits and invisible friends.

Invisible Roadmap

Where we’re going, there are no roadmap. Only dope art and fun.


Q. Is there any whitelist/allowlist?

No, we don't have any whitelist or allowlist, anyone can directly mint on mint day. Mint is free for all and public.

Q. Where can I buy the Invisible Meebits NFTs?

You can mint Invisible Meebits NFT from our website and later on Opensea.

Q. What is the total supply for this collection?

Total 3333 The Invisible Meebits are available for mint.

Q. What is the public-sale/mint price?

Free mint + Gas Fees

Q. What are the maximum mints per wallet?

No limit, you can mint as many as you want, the more you mint increase the chances of winning giveaway.

Q. How can I be part of the community?

To be part of the community, First join our discord server then you need to hold at least one piece of the collection. It will give you access to many exciting rewards.

Q. What are secondary royalties?

We will receive 7.5% of all secondary sales.

Q. Will Invisible Meebits be revealed right away?

No, you have to wait 7 days to know what your new friend looks like!